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        1064. Query Error
Query: SELECT id,
                              (SELECT id
                               FROM shop_category t2
                               WHERE t2.left_key < t1.left_key
                               AND t2.right_key > t1.right_key
                               AND parent_id = '2178'
                               LIMIT 1)
                            AS parent_id
                            FROM shop_category t1 WHERE id IN(2654,1283,2364,785,,1321,1319,2610,2805,1413,2962,2237,2859,1470,2553,1387,1339,3281,3280,2391,1446,3011,2497,3173,1411,2706,2881,3036,2982,2370,1534,2841,2823,2776,2739,1867,2418,1238,1357,1412,1820,1796,902)
Error: 1064
Message: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '1321,1319,2610,2805,1413,2962,2237,2859,1470,2553,1387,1339,3281,3280,2391,1446,' at line 9